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Casey Thomas Worshipful Master

Worshipful Thomas was born at Southwest Community Hospital in Fulton County, Georgia on September 26, 1976. He grew up in Southeast Atlanta near Greenbriar Mall, and attended school for the first time at Continential Colony Elementary. Worshipful Thomas has had the pleasure of living all over Metro Atlanta. Soon, he and his family moved to west end Atlanta on Peeples Street near Ashby Street in that historic community. W.M. Thomas attended and graduated from Avondale High School before attending college at Clemson University and Morris Brown College. W.M. Thomas played sports though out his High School and College years, so it was only fitting that he would enter the profession of education as a Coach. He started his coaching career at the same high school that he graduated from. He later began to advance in the various sports he coached and eventually coached athletes on the highest levels in three different sports. His claim to fame is that he has personally assisted over 200 African American men and women in getting into college. W.M. Thomas is a long-time member of St. Philip AME Church in Decatur. He has SEVERAL adopted sons, all of which are college graduates or current college students. W.M. Thomas has worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad as well as serving as an executive for several fortune 500 companies. He is currently a Teacher is a small Christian School for boys, a Military based school.

Thomas received his first three degrees at Louis Styles # 163 in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999. In the early 2000 he moved his Masonic work to Decatur and demitted to be a founding member of Derwin Brown Lodge, where he served as the first Worshipful Master. In 2001 he moved his membership affiliation to the M.W. Lazarus Grand Lodge and charged Derwin Brown #4 as its founding Master. In 2003, he was elected and installed Grand Master of the M.W. Lazarus Grand Lodge of the Jurisdiction of Georgia, held under the authority of the General Grand Masonic Congress (GGMC) of Masons. Grand Master Thomas, as he was then known, was the youngest in the GGMC to ever be elected Grand Master as he as was only 27 years of age at the time

Worshipful Thomas is a member of both the York Rite Bodies and Scottish Rite Bodies. He is very proficient in our Masonic ritual, having the ability to work all degrees and stations giving the charges in each. He has been known to be frequently called upon to assist other lodges in their degree work and has traveled extensively throughout the state. In 2008, after serving as Worshipful Master and having passed the chair, P.M. Thomas was elected to be re-installed as Master of the Lodge, an office he has always held with the highest reverence and so gracefully served. In August of 2009, W.M. Thomas spear headed the movement to work under the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Jurisdiction of Georgia. On October 2, 2009, after being healed into the PHA Jurisdiction, he assisted in raising all the Brothers of THE Derwin Brown Lodge into the NEW home that God ordained to be the home of the lodge. So Mote It Be.