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Junior Warden Bro. Antoine Smith

Masonic Travel
July 1998
Initiated - Passed - Raised
Alstock Lodge #502 Lithonia Georgia
Most Worshipful Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge Free And Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons Jursidiction of Georgia Prince Hall Origin

On the 30th day of August 2001
Electa Chapter #82 Order of the Eastern Star Scottdale Georgia
Smooth Ashlar Grand Eastern Star Chapter

On the 17th day of March 2002
Riverside Chapter #47 Royal Arch Mason
Smooth Ashler Grand Royal Arch Chapter

On the 23rd day of April 2002
Clark Commandery #17 Knights Templar
Progressive Grand Commandery of Knights Templar

On the 24th day of August 2002
Ancient Arabic Order Noble of the Mystic Shrine
Arabia Grand Temple Atlanta Georgia

On the 22nd day of February 2003
Empire Consistory #1 Atlanta Georgia
Nehmiah Grand Consistory

On the 8th day of August 2003, healed into Derwin Brown Lodge #4 Decatur Georgia

On the 2nd day of October 2009, healed into The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Mason, Jurisdiction of Georgia, Inc. as THE Derwin Brown Lodge UD, PHA

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